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Manage a Group Home and More

Our consulting services are offered nationwide! 

CrewPath Journeys can help you navigate the waters and mitigate these income destroying fees and actions with our Assisted Living Consulting Services. We offer a wide range of services for established and start-up facilities alike. 


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Personal Home Care Within Your Reach

With assisted living becoming a popular option for patients and families in personalized care, there is a growing need for assisted living facilities. These facilities face strict compliance requirements to ensure proper care is given to residents. At CrewPath Journeys, we can assist you through each step to manage a group home.

Failure to comply can put you in a position where you can face hefty fines, possible facility closure, and expensive legal action. We will help you navigate the waters and mitigate these income-destroying fees and actions. Also, we offer a wide range of services for established and start-up facilities alike.

With our expertise, we will help guide you through the process of what inspectors and state agencies focus on so that you can provide the best level of care to your residents. As an established business with a reputation for integrity and excellence, you can count on us to help you when you need it.

New Facility Startup Consulting

Establishing a new facility can be daunting with the regulations, compliance standards, and mandatory employee training. CrewPath Journeys can help steer you in the best direction for success.

Existing Facility Consulting

As an established facility, you already understand the importance of compliance and having the know-how to navigate your business needs. The regulations, compliance standards, and mandatory employee training can be confusing, expensive, and time consuming. We will guide you through our consulting services.

Plan of Corrections

There may be a time where you will be required by the state to submit a Plan of Correction(s) after a surveyor visit. These can be very stressful to develop and respond to. There are stringent ways in which the action plans need to be written to satisfy the state requirements and ensure your residents are properly cared for.

CrewPath Journeys develops Plan of Correction(s) for our customers on a regular basis. We have the expertise and know-how to put the action items together in a manner that successfully corrects the opportunity in your facility and meets the state requirements.

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